born in kiel

1970 - 1976 studies at hochschule für bildende künste berlin
1977 degree in fine arts, prof. gerhard fietz

1977 two grants of the centre culturelle, paris, cooperation with hervé fischer in the project "art sociologique", perpignan, france

1979 -1985 living in schleswig-holstein, germany
1985-1991 living in milan, italy
since 1991 in kiel, germany

1996 - 2002 and 2011-2014member of the board of the federal organization of visual artist

2002/03 travel grant, studio in williamsburg, nyc
2011 project grant for southkorea and nepal
2012 artist-in-residence in kenya
2016 artist-in-residence in chiang mai, thailand

exhibitions in germany and abroad since 1980
works in private and public collections
exhibitions (selection since 1996)
personal (p)
- februar 2024 : landesschau schleswig-holsteinischer künstlerinnen, schloss gottorf, schleswig
"yes, i have an answer", exhibition of 65 fotos of the project in herman ehlers stiftung und akademie (p)
blütenpracht, künstlermusum heikendorf-kielerförde
wechselwirkung l, brunswiker pavillon, kiel
wechselwirkung l, brunswiker pavillon, kiel
"system und freiheit" ("system and freedom") exhibition in brunswiker pavillon, brunswiker strasse 13, kiel
landesschau schleswig-holsteinischer künstlerinnen, stadtgalerie kiel

"start up", ausstellungsbeteiligung mit 7 großen bildern im ministerium für bildung, wissenschaft und kultur schleswig-holstein.
"..tierisch..", ausstellung der kunstsammlung der sparkassenstiftung schleswig-holstein im finanzministerium kiel.
"ornament as utopia. gardens, arabesques, rocailles".
atelierhaus im anscharpark, kiel. personal exhibition
"garden", brunswiker pavillon, kiel, group exhibition.
nordart 2018, büdelsdorf / rendsburg. presentation of 140 photographies of the project: "yes i have an answer", accomplished by a voice collage of the answers given to her question:"what does art mean to you personally". the answers, collected in 14 different countries on 4 continents are read in 15 different languages by mothertongue speakers.

from june- december 2018 german astronaut alexander gerst has been orbitting our planet on board of the iss ( international space station). also on board is a flag which roswitha steinkopf created for the stiftung kinderherz.
for many more information see:
"abgestaubt 4", exhibition of the art collection of the stadtgalerie im elbeforum, brunsbüttel
64. landesschau, nissenhaus, husum
"what is art and do we need it?" nenacontemporary art space, chiang mai, thailand (p)
"u.a.w.g.", exhibition in "big", dortmund
"urban moments", torhaus, elmshorn
"yes, l have an answer" , permanent representation of schleswig-holstein in berlin (p)
"yes, i have an answer" masnedofort, denmark
"schichten", kulturpark seekamp, kiel schilksee (p)
german astronaut alexander gerst takes the small sculpture "orbitheart", created by the artist for the stiftung kinderherz to the international space station iss.

mixed pickles, galerie umtrieb, kiel
"wenn wir könnten, wie wir wollten", 20 jahre kunst im öffentlichen raum. brunswiker pavillon, kiel
"bewegt", 1. exhibition of the art collection of the sparkassenstiftung schleswig-holstein, kiel, (catalogue)
"kieler frieden-peace", flandernbunker, kiel
nominated for vater- art award 2013. exhibition:atelierhaus im anscharpark, kiel
art in schleswig-holstein - the 60. landesschau, castle of gottorf (catalogue)
"weiter", sparkassenstiftung schleswig-holstein(p, catalogue)
galerie nero, wiesbaden
alp galleries, frankfurt, "fortune" (p)
art is.. (yes, i have an answer) lamu museum&world heritage site, lamu, kenia (p)
art is.. (yes, i have an answer) : wongol international residence, south korea (p)
art is : patan museum, kathmandu (p)
57. landesschau schleswig-holstein
stadtgalerie kiel (catalogue)
"open", galerie im courierhaus, neumünster (p)
"turnips and french fries", video installation,flandernbunker, kiel (p)
"out of the stream", kunstraum b, kiel, germany (p)
komplementär, burgkloster lübeck
kennfaden kunst, 25. jubiläumsaustellung der sparkassenkulturstiftung stormarn,trittau (catalogue)
"the freedom of art is a fundamental right"
group-exhibition in the ministry for finances of schleswig-holstein (catalogue)
"lonely hearts", museum eckernförde (p)
55. landesschau, schlos gottorf, schleswig
"glück", stables of ahrensburg castle, ahrensburg;(p, catalogue))
"nord art 08", büdelsdorf/ rendsburg;
"in erwartung einer antwort", stadtgalerie im elbeforum, brunsbüttel;(p, catalogue))
"classified ads", alp galleries, new york;
"nord art 07", kunst in der carlshütte, büdelsdorf/rendsburg, (katalog);
vossloh information technologies (p)
"art is", vii. international biennale "dialogues", st. petersburg, russia, (catalog)
52. landesschau, burgkloster lübeck (catalog);
"ads", brunswiker pavillon (p);
"malerei"kunstverein lauenburg,ratzeburg (p);
nord art 04, kunst in der carlshütte, büdelsdorf/büdelsdorf/rendsburg;
"art is", berlin, kiel;
51. landesschau, barlachhaus, wedel, (catalog);
hanse-office, bruxelles;
international horticultural exhibition, rostock, germany(catalog);
"classified ads",brunswiker pavillon, kiel;
"nord-kunst", the 20th century in schleswig-holstein, husum ( catalog) ;
sønderjyllands kunstmuseum, tonder (denmark) and burgkloster, lübeck;
"open", kx (kampnagel), hamburg (p);
shanghai spring art salon, shanghai, china, (catalog);
"il doppio dell`ombra. doppelgänger", palazzo barolo, torino, italy, (catalog);
german-russian-house, kaliningrad, russia, (catalog);
"mobile ii", schwerin, germany(catalog);
haizmann museum, niebüll, germany;
williamsburg art and historical center, brooklyn, new york (p);
alp galleries, chelsea, new york;
"forum young art", neumünster, (catalog);
pánstwowa galeria sztuki, zoppot, poland;
48. landesschau, museumsberg flensburg, (catalog);
la via dell´arte, ceriale, italy, (catalog);
kampnagel, hamburg, womens´s museum, bonn and black cloister, freiburg, germany (catalog);
paraxo, viii. biennale d`arte contemporanea, andora, italy(catalog);
nord art, büdelsdorf/rendsburg;
47. landesschau, kunsthalle zu kiel, (catalog);
work commissioned by the cultural programm of the german pavilion, world exhibition expo 2000, hannover, germany, (catalog)
nord-sculpture 2, neumünster, germany, (catalog);
nord art 99, büdelsdorf/rendsburg, germany;
museum of the city of flensburg, germany (p);
north current, museet varberg; varberg, sweden and watermans art centre, london, great britain, (catalog);
constructive-concreteart-forum bonn, germany, (catalog);
european artists symposium, imperia,italy, first prize;
accademia balbo, bordighera, italy;
esa(european space research and technology centre), noordwijk, netherlands (p);
"forbidden cities", group 115, folkwangschule essen;
44. landesschau schleswig-holstein, husum;
kunsthalle barmen, wuppertal;
eventa, uppsala, sweden;
gedok gallery, hamburg, (p);
galleria avida dollars, milan, italy;
installation "greetings", work commissioned by the german pavillion at world exhibition "expo 2000"in hannover
permanent landscape installation for the international garden exhibition, rostock, germany
stick-installations for two conference-rooms and a corridor, state-house schleswig-holstein
from june to december 2018 a flag created by by roswitha steinkopf commissioned by stiftung kinderherz in cooperation with the german space center in cologne will orbit on bord of the iss our planet. german astronaut alexander gerst will be the commander of the this year`s mission "horizon".
works in public and private collections
stadtgalerie kiel

"flag of schleswig.holstein" by the federal state parliament, ( see photo above)

governmental representation of schleswig-holstein in berlin

collection of stadtgalerie im elbeforum, brunsbüttel

sparkasse holstein

art collection of the sparkasse endowment in schleswig-holstein

art collection of the state bank schleswig-holstein

the state government of schleswig-holstein, kiel

art collection of the provinzial insurances, kiel

gothaer insurance bank, milano, italy

dekafond bank, frankfurt

grants, awards
centre de coopération culturelle e sociale, paris
1st prize in the 5th european artist symposium, imperia, italy
schleswig-holstein travel grant to new york city
award for "art is" as best work at biennale "dialogue", st. petersburg, russia
project grant of the cultural ministery of schleswig-holstein for the art is..project in nepal and south korea
nomination for vater art award
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hansgeorg hoppe: denied happiness: on the dialectics of desire and fulfillment in the pictures of roswitha steinkopf.
in: catalogue: glück, 2008
further mentioned in
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translation: astrid staehler

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Übersetzung:peter bowen
hajo schiff: mauern und fluchten - poetisch.
hajo schiff: collagen und räume - analytisch.
in: katalog: roswitha steinkopf: "weiter." (bilder aus feldbildserien 1996 - 2012). bilder aus feldbildserien 1996 - 2012. aus der serie ars borealis, edition zur zeitgenössischen kunst im norden. publisher: sparkasssenstiftung schleswig-holstein, 2012

jens martin neumann: "les passagers du vent". in: katalog: roswitha steinkopf: "weiter". (bilder aus feldbildserien 1996 - 2012) aus der serie ars borealis, edition zur zeitgenössischen kunst im norden. publisher: sparkasssenstiftung schleswig-holstein, 2012

"yes, i have an answer", photo and text : roswitha steinkopf, preface: prime minister of schleswig-holsteintorsten albig. publisher: representation of the government of schleswig-holstein in berlin, 2016