june - december 2018
german astronaut alexander gerst is orbiting our planet in the iss (international space station). also on board is a flag created by roswitha steinkopf the title of which is: "three stories of courage" which the artist had created for the stiftung kinderherz.

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2014 roswitha steinkopf created a small sculpture for stiftung kinderherz. the so called "little orbit heart" stayed on board of the iss together with german astronaut alexander gerst during his mission "blue dot".

the handing-over of the flag to volker schmid, the manager of the mission "horizon" and sylvia paul, head of stiftung kinderherz.the handing-over took place in a model of the sojus spaceship of the iss in the german spacecenter (dlr) in cologne

the so called small orbit heart (2014)
, 4,8 cm x 4,5 cm x 2,8 cm cm
one side of the so called small orbit heart, which the german astronaut alexander gerst took with him on the iss on occasion of his mission "blue dot" in 2014
© roswitha steinkopf